Is A Medical Care Facility To Blame For Your Suffering?

When you go to a hospital for any type of medical care, you likely assume you will receive appropriate support and an acceptable standard of care. Hospitals owe it to their patients to provide high-quality medical support and meet their needs in a timely and efficient manner. If you left a hospital in worse condition than when you went in, you may be a victim of hospital negligence.

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Hospital negligence comes in many forms, and it is beneficial to turn to an experienced attorney who knows how to investigate your case and determine what happened. As a small California law firm focused only on medical malpractice, the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard is uniquely qualified to help your family during this difficult time. We are selective about the cases we take, so we can give those cases the attention they need to seek the best results.

Examples Of Hospital Negligence

Hospitals are liable for the care patients get, as well as the actions of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Examples of common hospital negligence include:

  • Incorrect administration of anesthesia, leading to coma or brain damage
  • Lack of patient care and monitoring, leading to infections
  • Negligent doctors, leading to surgical errors, incorrect diagnosis and other injuries
  • Lack of communication between doctors and nurses, leading to disruption in patient care
  • Failure to act during birth, leading to harm to babies

When a hospital does not care for you properly, it can lead to additional pain, require more surgery, extend your recovery time and leave you with other complications that can affect virtually every area of your life. We care about your recovery, and our attorney knows what it takes to hold the responsible parties accountable for your suffering.

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