A Mistake During Surgery Can Have Life-Altering Consequences

Surgery is serious, and the people performing operations have a responsibility to be thorough and take every precaution necessary to ensure that a patient isn't harmed. If you have been a victim of a surgical error, such as an object left behind, you do not have to suffer through the painful recovery and complications alone.

At the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard, we focus exclusively on medical malpractice cases. We represent victims of surgical errors by standing up for their rights and helping them seek the compensation they deserve. Our attorney has decades of experience, and he knows what it takes to stand up to hospitals, insurance companies and other liable parties on your behalf.

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Advocating For Surgical Error Victims

Surgical errors are preventable incidents that often result from negligent behavior, lack of preparation or other missteps by the surgeon or hospital staff. Common surgical errors include:

  • Perforating organs during surgery
  • Failing to monitor vital signs during the procedure
  • Operating on the wrong site or wrong body part
  • Failing to fix the problem as promised
  • Leaving in a foreign object
  • Failing to recognize and treat a complication

Surgeons are accountable for the harm they cause their patients. Our lawyer can build a strong case and work diligently to help you recover the compensation you deserve. When a procedure turns into a nightmare, you need an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive attorney on your side who is willing to stand up for your rights.

Do Not Delay In Getting The Help You Need

If you believe you have a medical malpractice claim after a surgical error, there's no benefit to delay. Why give the doctor any time to change his or her records? In fact, in California, you're entitled to your records within five business days. A consultation with our attorney will help you understand your rights and legal options. Your initial legal consultation is free — call us in El Segundo at 424-259-4807 or email our office to schedule your appointment.