Testimonials: Hear From Our Clients

Erika E.

My son was 2 years old. He was walking around the house and bumped his head on a television. I was concerned that he could be hurt so I took him to the closest hospital emergency room. An emergency doctor examined him and said there was nothing wrong and he would be fine.

A few hours later, he was unusually fussy and refusing to eat. I felt that something was wrong and took him back to the same emergency room.

This time, a doctor told me he was not sure if anything was wrong and wanted to perform a CAT scan. Because my little boy was only 2, the doctor said they would need to sedate him so he would not move during the scan.

During the CAT scan, my son's blood pressure dropped, his heart rate went up and he turned blue. The nurse with him did nothing and allowed the CAT scan procedure to continue.

Within minutes, it became obvious that something was terribly wrong. I started to scream for help. My son was wheeled back to the emergency department and resuscitation begun. It was too late. My 2-year-old son who was perfectly healthy minutes ago now had irreversible brain damage. It was uncovered by Neil Howard that they overmedicated my son during the CAT scan.

My baby is in a coma. He is fed through tubes, he is breathing with a respirator. He cannot walk. He cannot speak. No one at the hospital offered to help. Not one even apologized. My baby was transferred to a different hospital hundreds of miles away.

My dad gave me the phone number of the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard. I called and spoke with Frank. I told him what happened. The attorney, Neil Howard, called me back and promised to help.

I live outside Visalia. Neil drove to meet with my son and me. He fought for my son. The hospital didn't want to help. The hospital tried to blame me for my son's injury. Neil Howard fought for my son and me. The attorney for the hospital tried to confuse me and trick me to say something, which would excuse their negligence. Mr. Howard made sure that did not happen.

I was present when he interviewed the nurse and other hospital employees. He uncovered their lies. Because of Neil Howard, my son will receive over $7.4 million from the hospital over a lifetime.

Neil Howard proved my son didn't have to end up in a coma. Neil Howard proved that the hospital was negligent.

My son is still severely harmed. However, because of Neil M. Howard, we now have the resources to make sure that my son receives all the treatment he needs. I can finally sleep better not worrying how I am going to be able to care for my child.

The Law Offices of Neil M. Howard helped me through a terrible time. I am sure they can help you, too.

David Neer

My name is David D. Neer and I am a medical doctor specializing in neurology. Over the past 20 years, I have served as an expert witness. I have worked with attorneys representing doctors as well as patients. I have been retained by the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard.

I know of no attorney who is better prepared than Neil M. Howard. I would describe him as an overachiever who is compulsive. He always puts 100 percent of his energy for his client and is willing to spend an endless amount of hours to achieve the best result possible.

I am equally impressed by his abilities to understand and apply the complexities of medicine to his clients' cases.

As a doctor, I hope you will not require the services of the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard. However, if you or a loved one has been harmed, I would not hesitate recommending Neil M. Howard or the Law Offices if Neil M. Howard to provide the finest representation possible.

Sylvia R.

My name is Sylvia and my husband and I were clients of the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard. I gave birth to my sixth child, a beautiful little boy named Julio. Immediately after my baby was born, I looked at him and saw that he was blue. He was taken from me to the intensive care unit. I asked all the nurses and doctors what happened. No one told me anything. All I knew was that my baby was terribly sick. No one would even tell me if he would get better.

I was in shock. I was scared. I felt desperate and helpless. It turned out that during the delivery, my baby was deprived of oxygen for too long and my poor boy suffered permanent brain damage.

My friend gave me the phone number of the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard. I called and spoke with Frank and Neil. They offered to meet with me and to see if they could help.

No one at the hospital ever apologized or admitted that it was their fault.

The Law Offices of Neil M. Howard helped me get my records and discovered what happened. I felt relief that it was not my fault. The hospital refused to accept responsibility. My husband and I sued the hospital with the help of the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard.

I was scared. I had never been in any lawsuit. Neil Howard was there for me. He helped me every step of the way. He always took my telephone calls and was patient to answer my questions. He cared about my family and promised to do everything possible to make sure that the hospital was made to take responsibility for all my baby's medical needs.

Neil M. Howard got the hospital to pay my family for all the harm they caused to my family and my son. Thanks to Neil Howard, my son will now receive over $13.5 million during his lifetime.

Even after winning the lawsuit for my family, the Law Offices of Neil Howard continues to help me and my family to make sure that my son gets all the medical care he needs.

I would strongly recommend Neil M. Howard and the Law Offices of Neil M. Howard to anyone who believes that they or a loved one has been harmed by a doctor. You can be sure that he will treat you like family and get you the compensation you deserve.