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Misdiagnoses and medical malpractice claims

While most California doctors are highly qualified, misdiagnoses do occur. Such mistakes could cause a patient to suffer from a worsened condition, unnecessary treatment or some other negative result. Receiving an inaccurate medical diagnosis may even warrant seeking legal remedy. In fact, according to two studies issued by malpractice insurers, a significant number of medical malpractice claims are recorded because of a misdiagnosis.

Study finds that stress causes surgeons to make mistakes

According to a recent study conducted by Columbia University, surgeons experiencing stress cause mistakes while operating on patients. These errors hurt a hospital's reputation and good name. While monitoring a surgeon's heart via a technologically advanced tool, the study showed that short-term stress in the operating room causes the doctor to make critical errors. Critical remarks or loud noises trigger a surgeon's stress level. A higher stress level causes surgeons to make mistakes. Errors cause patients to bleed or suffer from torn tissues. A surgeon's stress also causes the patient to incur burns.

Colon cancer misdiagnosis more common for younger patients

Stage 3 and 4 colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is being found more among patients under the age of 50, and some experts believe this is due to the frequency of clinical misdiagnoses. California residents should know that colon cancer does not affect the elderly only. Still, many doctors tend to diagnose colon cancer as hemorrhoids or inflammatory bowel syndrome because these conditions share symptoms like fatigue, weight loss and constipation.

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