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Study finds that stress causes surgeons to make mistakes

According to a recent study conducted by Columbia University, surgeons experiencing stress cause mistakes while operating on patients. These errors hurt a hospital's reputation and good name. While monitoring a surgeon's heart via a technologically advanced tool, the study showed that short-term stress in the operating room causes the doctor to make critical errors. Critical remarks or loud noises trigger a surgeon's stress level. A higher stress level causes surgeons to make mistakes. Errors cause patients to bleed or suffer from torn tissues. A surgeon's stress also causes the patient to incur burns.

This study may cause the medical profession to develop a strategy for reducing surgeons' short-term stress. In the United States, medical mistakes are responsible for approximately 325,000 deaths per year. Most errors take place on operating tables. A change that helps surgeons make fewer mistakes may cause a lower occurrence of unnecessary deaths. In legal terms, medical malpractice refers to a patient's injury or death caused by a surgeon's mistakes.

The man responsible for this study attends Data Science Institute at Columbia University. It was his idea to ask Stanford Medical Center surgeons to wear Hexoskin Smart Shirts under their scrubs during surgical procedures. The shirt measures a person's electrical impulses, resulting in data that determines a surgeon's stress level. According to a study conducted by Loyola Medicine, doctors undergoing classes in emotional intelligence are less likely to experience burnout. Doctors experience less stress when burnout does not exist.

Victims of medical malpractice have specific legal rights. Any person who suffers from an injury caused by medical malpractice may want to contact a lawyer. Each state has statutes of limitations limiting the time someone has to file a lawsuit. If the specified period elapses, a patient loses his or her right to file a claim against the doctor or hospital.

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