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Five errors that new nurses commonly make

In California and across the U.S., nurses sometimes face extended hours and a lack of breaks due to staffing shortages. This can lead to errors, especially among the newer nurses. Below are just five of the most common errors that new nurses can make.

First, and perhaps the most widespread, are medication errors. Nurses might give the wrong drug or fail to take patients' allergies and other conditions into account. They might also fail to update the list of drugs that patients are taking. Next, nurses are liable to neglect hygiene and increase the risk for infections. Every year, infections account for some 99,000 deaths in U.S. hospitals.

Charting and documentation errors are the third error. Nurses may, for instance, forget to record discontinued medications, changes in a patient's condition or the actions they themselves undertake. Fourth, nurses make the mistake of calling for a physician before preparing the patient information that a physician needs in order to be of any help.

The last error is linked with falls among weak or post-op patients. Nurses may not put a patient's things within reach of the bed, indirectly causing the patient to fall off the bed. Patients may also never know that nurses can help them use the bathroom and complete other private tasks.

The above errors may all provide reasonable grounds for a case under medical malpractice law, but pursuing such a case can be difficult without legal representation. Victims (or their family if the victim died) may want to schedule a case evaluation with a lawyer before moving forward. If they retain the lawyer, he or she may bring in investigators and medical experts to build up the case and determine a fair amount for compensatory damages. These damages might include medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.

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