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Delayed diagnosis tops allegation list in medical claims

People who work in emergency rooms and hospitals in California may be interested in a new report that gives insight into lawsuits filed against medical providers. The report found that more than 50% of allegations in civil claims filed against hospitals were due to a failure to make a prompt diagnosis. The report came from Coverys, a Boston-based provider of insurance.

New study: surgeons' unprofessional behavior can harm patients

A study published in JAMA Surgery shows that those who undergo surgery are more liable to develop post-operative complications if the surgeons display unprofessional behavior. Seven million surgical procedures are performed every year in California and across the U.S., and unprofessional behavior is estimated to impact the lives of at least 500,000 patients annually.

Proving causation: an obstacle to many malpractice claims

Medical malpractice refers to the failure of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional to act according to a reasonable standard of care. If this leads to a patient being injured, then the patient may have good grounds for a claim. California residents should know that this second step, the step of proving causation, is not always easy.

Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's might have something else

Many older adults in California suffering from memory loss receive an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis. According to new research about the causes of dementia, many of them might have a different form of dementia. Many types of neurodegenerative diseases fall under the label of dementia, and the symptoms of limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy typically resemble Alzheimer's. Also referred to as LATE, the brain disease results from misshapen deposits of the protein TDP-43 whereas Alzheimer's arises from buildups of beta-amyloid protein on brain tissue.

Improving the time out may prevent wrong-site surgery

Anywhere from 20 to 40 wrong-site surgeries are performed every week across the country. California residents should know that wrong-site surgery is often preventable, especially during the time out that precedes surgery. For this and other reasons, the AORN has striven to raise awareness of the importance of time outs through its National Time Out Day, which reached its 15th anniversary in 2019.

Glioblastoma: a deadly brain cancer

For many people in California, glioblastoma is a particularly frightening diagnosis. It is the most deadly form of brain cancer, known for its aggressiveness. Each year, there are around 240,000 cases of brain or nervous system tumors found by doctors. Prominent individuals, including Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Beau Biden have died from this cancer, as even excellent medical treatment often fails to significantly extend a patient's life.

One-third of medical staff cross-contaminate bacteria

Some healthcare workers in California and elsewhere could be incorrectly removing personal protective garments and accidentally contaminating their clothing and other items with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. A new study showing this was published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

Approximately 30 percent of cellulitis cases misdiagnosed

A professor of dermatology speaking at Hospital Medicine 2019 revealed that cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection, is being frequently misdiagnosed. More specifically, California residents should know that approximately 30 percent of presumed cases of cellulitis are misdiagnosed because hospitals do not have one single standard for diagnosing the condition. The condition is behind many cases of hospital admission and, what's more, of 30-day re-admissions.

Misdiagnoses and medical malpractice claims

While most California doctors are highly qualified, misdiagnoses do occur. Such mistakes could cause a patient to suffer from a worsened condition, unnecessary treatment or some other negative result. Receiving an inaccurate medical diagnosis may even warrant seeking legal remedy. In fact, according to two studies issued by malpractice insurers, a significant number of medical malpractice claims are recorded because of a misdiagnosis.

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